My heart is with the homeless and the poor of our community. The word ‘community’ stretching all the way from the individuals you pass every day on the street to the orphans in Africa. While they have basic needs such as food and shelter, they also need relationships. They need someone to hear their story and be their voice. I strongly believe that art and movement can make this difference.


After traveling to Africa in 2014, and working closely with members of Destino Dance Company, I knew that creating dance was more than just for performance. This Ethiopian company strives to give street kids and young offenders a better life by enrolling them in a training program and giving them a sense of purpose and relationship. Inspired by the change Destino was making in lives, Spaces of Fontana wants to bring healing movement to the homeless and sheltered of New York. While also performing in festivals and theaters throughout the city, once a month we bring yoga and simple forms of dance to the Dwelling Place, a women’s shelter. Our role is not just to share our movement, but to create a safe environment and truly listen to their stories.